Quality At Vistara Hermetics

At Vistara Hermetics Quality control begins at the design stage & is carried through the Final inspection. Vistara Hermetics starts by carefully specifying components & materials to be used & continue by inspecting these materials as they arrive to ensure that they meet exacting standards.

Vistara Hermetics’s production process employs equipment to ensure the degasing & Oxidation levels Lot to Lot & day to day.

Processing procedures are ‘Locked In’ & cannot vary with weather conditions or Operators. In addition to these controls, a sensitive mass spectrometer leak detector is utilized to lot check the integrity of the final product.

All our products are ensured a leak rate better than 1x10¯⁸ atm cc/sec & Insulation Resistance better than 10,000 MegOhms.

Vistara Hermetics inspects 100% of all parts produced under Lighted magnifying glass & Microscope. Due to the concern & experience of the staff as well as their attention to detail, Vistara Hermetics’s rejection rate is less than 1%.


Helium Leak Detector