About Vistara Hermetics

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Vistara Hermetics is a professionally managed ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

The Management consists of professionals having work experience of more than 40 years in the respective fields & developing products in India.

We are specialized in the manufacture of Glass to metal Hermetic Seals, Feed Through Capacitors & Low pass EMI Filters which are Custom built to your design specifications.

Vistara Hermetics offers many basic versions of Hermetics feed throughs. However the technology used to create them is always quite similar - Metallic conductor passes through a metal housing that contain several openings. Sintered glass rings or glass tubing segments are melted around the conductor to provide the electrical insulation, enhance mechanical strength and center the conductor in the openings.

There are two Primary ways to fuse the glass and metal. The matched Glass to metal seals OR the more commonly used Compression Glass to Metal seals.

Vistara Hermetics can design and manufacture Feed Through Capacitors of different capacities and Hermetically sealed EMI Filters in ‘C’, ‘PI’ and Multi Section configurations.